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Creating momentum for our customers, near and far.


Mangata is enabling businesses, communities & individuals to thrive through the power of information.


Accelerating the Path to Connectivity

We live in a world where content and data are increasingly consumed through the cloud. In order to provide a seamless user experience, the compute and storage of cloud resources are moving closer to the user than ever before. Computing at the network’s edge results in lower latency, near-real-time processing, and enhanced security. 


Mangata is at the forefront of this paradigm shift. With a global footprint of over 5,000 MangataEdge™ micro data centers, and a Mangata-owned network, our technology is highly programmable and scalable. This allows us to dynamically scale both network and cloud resources to meet end-user expectations.


Mangata partners with Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Enterprises, IoT companies, and Governments to help them deploy their services to the edge of the network.

Terrestrial Solutions
Image by Olivia Snyder

Reaching for the Sky

Today, there is a growing need for continuous connectivity across the skies. Without reliable satellite connectivity, aircraft face issues of sporadic coverage and low bandwidth while flying through multiple airspaces.


Our single unified network connects airline hubs with tens of Gbps, providing more data to the aircraft and passengers enabling access to the content and applications they want. Being on a seamless global network leads to lower overall costs and greater value.

With a continuous stream of real-time data used to analyze and monitor the aircraft, we are making aeromobility a safer and more elevated experience for all. 


Keeping Ships, Crew and Passengers Connected Across the Seas

Commercial and naval vessels often lack a singular network to keep them connected at every point in their journey. From the tracking of cargo ships to the entertainment needs on cruise liners, the maritime industry requires seamless connectivity to forge ahead.


Designed to serve all routes, we promise continuous connectivity across the world’s oceans with a secure and reliable cloud-based network from a single service provider. Our system offers tailored bandwidth, enabling affordable and fast connectivity from shore-to-shore.

Image by Chris Pagan
Image by Zbynek Burival

Powering a Sustainable Future 

As the world moves towards renewable energy, maintaining high operational efficiencies is critical to minimizing carbon emissions. Real-time monitoring and control of energy generation, storage, and consumption through reliable and secure communication are critical to reducing emissions while meeting energy demands.


While Mangata serves all energy sectors, we understand that where we place capacity can impact the future of the planet. With a conscious choice to focus on clean energy, we have the ability to shape a sustainable future. By providing connectivity to the renewable energy sector, we work together with businesses and governments to build smart infrastructures.


With expanded use of information technology in the energy domain, from power plants to end-user applications in the home, we meet a growing demand and commit to building a clean tomorrow.


Creating a Smart Ecosystem

From transportation infrastructure to smart cities, the IoT movement

relies on a ubiquitous low-cost network to unleash its full potential. Today, there are many regions which can greatly benefit from satellite-based technology to lower their overall cost and improve timeliness and accuracy of processed data analytics.


Mangata’s advanced architecture enables solutions for businesses to

maximize their IoT efficiencies. Our wide-spread global network connects

billions of intelligent devices at a low cost and keeps data applications and analytics localized in the edge cloud.

Image by Luke Chesser
Autonomous Vehicles
Image by Bertrand Bouchez

Moving dreams to reality

We work with governments and businesses that are at the forefront of innovative technology to put their ideas into motion. From delivery drones, to autonomous boats, to long-distance trucking, the applications are limitless.

Mangata’s low-latency and infallible services support the gathering and transmission of critical data for all autonomous vehicles, enabling safe and efficient performance. 


With data processing happening at the network’s edge, Mangata’s services will be closer to the user application than ever before, ensuring real-time decision-making. 

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