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Ofcom grants Mangata non-geostationary Earth Station Network license

Mangata Team

Feb. 9, 2023

Mangata Networks is pleased to announce that Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has granted us a non-geostationary Earth Station Network license.

In granting the license, Ofcom recognizes Mangata’s ability to improve connectivity for citizens and consumers in the UK. Ofcom stated: “We believe Mangata’s system is capable of coexisting with both existing NGSO license holders and future NGSO systems.”

We are pleased by Ofcom’s decision. This brings us one step closer to providing higher-speed, lower latency connectivity within the UK utilizing our satellite services and MangataEdge™ micro data centers. The UK is an integral part of our global market expansion, and this timely decision follows our news announcing Scotland as our center for R&D and satellite manufacturing.

Our initiatives in Scotland will be bolstered by an £83.7 million investment from Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Government, UK Government, and South Ayrshire Council.

These developments put us on firm footing towards the deployment and operation of our satellites by 2025.

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