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Mangata Networks and NOW Corp form alliance to disrupt Philippines market with game-changing MEO satellite connectivity and enterprise-grade service

Mangata Team & NOW Corp

OCT. 27, 2023

Manila, Philippines / Arizona, USA – NOW Corp, a publicly listed firm in the Philippine Stock Exchange with investments in telecom, media, and technology, has inked an alliance by way of a Memorandum of Understanding with Mangata Networks, Inc., a US-based company offering satellite-enabled connectivity & intelligent edge computing solutions

This collaboration comes as a direct response to the increasing demand from enterprises in the Philippines for robust, high-capacity, low-latency connectivity, guaranteed by a service agreement. By leveraging Mangata Networks' multi-orbit satellite constellation, NOW Corp can offer enhanced services and ensure network resiliency to its customers.

Mangata’s initial 32-satellite constellation will consist of 8 HEO (highly elliptical orbit) and 24 MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellites. Combined with a terrestrial network of edge data centers, Mangata will provide seamless connectivity and intelligent cloud computing services around the globe. With a latency less than 100ms round-trip and speeds of more than 10Gbps to a single site, Mangata can support real-time connectivity even in remote locations, such as providing remote healthcare to a cargo ship at sea. The hybrid constellation approach allows each set of satellites to work together to dynamically optimize capacity, throughput, and overall system performance, providing global coverage with as few as 21 spacecraft.

The combination of orbits and technology give Mangata’s satellite system superior coverage and a wider footprint using a single satellite compared to lower Earth orbit satellites. Mangata’s commercial Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees excellent service quality and 99.5% network availability at a cost-effective price compared to industry competitors.

Mangata’s secure, low-cost solution complements NOW Corp's commitment to providing affordable connectivity in the Philippines. Moreover, this partnership is in alignment with NOW’s USTDA grant initiative to develop digital infrastructure and expand access to reliable connectivity across the country.

"We are delighted to be partnering with NOW Corp. Our solutions will allow reliable enterprise-quality services to be provided within the Philippines on a secure network", said Jerome Hewlett, Chief Commercial Officer of Mangata Networks. "Enterprises want guaranteed information rates, with flexible data services, and no data caps. Combining satellite capacity with cloud-based services enables secure private networks and gives more control to the Philippines government and enterprise businesses to control the costs and security of their digital infrastructure.”

“This alliance with Mangata aligns with our objective to establish a trusted network in the country. Currently, we focus on the enterprise market and Mangata’s solution matches the sophisticated demands of the market when it comes to having reliable satellite connectivity,” says Henry Andrews Abes, President and CEO of NOW Corp.

Through this partnership, NOW Corp Philippines customers will have access to Mangata Networks' MangataEdge™, which extends the reach of 5G and IoT connectivity into hard-to-reach areas, bringing cloud applications closer to users, and integrates with NOW Corp's secure network infrastructure.

Mangata’s spectrum and orbits have been approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the international governing body that regulates the use of radio frequency spectrum. In February 2023, Mangata received a license to provide service in the United Kingdom. Mangata is in the process of securing a similar authorization from the FCC to operate in the United States. Earlier this year, Mangata announced a maritime product hub and regional headquarters in Singapore. Additionally, the company is about to close its Series-B fundraise which will be used to complete the design of its payload and begin construction of a state-of-the-art space engineering hub. Mangata is targeting the launch of its satellite communication services in 2026.


About NOW Corp

NOW Corporation is a publicly listed firm in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: NOW). It has investments in telecom, media, and technology. NOW provides Unified Connectivity, Managed ICT Services, Cybersecurity, and Manpower services. In November 2022, the United States Government recognized NOW as its partner in deploying 5G technologies and a secured nationwide broadband network in the Philippines. As a TMT player, NOW’s thrust is to ensure that enterprises across all sectors are using only trusted equipment within the Indo-Pacific region thus safeguarding data.

About Mangata

Mangata Networks is global, satellite-enabled network services and intelligent edge computing company. Founded in February 2020, Mangata has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Korea. Mangata is backed by an international group of investors including venture capital firms, economic development groups, and strategic partners.

Powered by a multi-orbit constellation and terrestrial network of intelligent data centers, Mangata provides secure, high-speed, low-latency connectivity that is affordable and accessible to all. With AI-enabled computing at the edge of the network, our customers can access cloud applications under a unified, global, and secure system – anywhere in the world.

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