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Juliette Neu

Chief People & Brand Officer | EVP Asia Pacific

“I am passionate about using technology to solve human issues and determined to keep my sense of humor throughout the adventure.”

As the Co-founder of Mangata Networks, Juliette is a member of the senior management team and an officer of the board at Mangata. She is in charge of the overall people and brand experience, which includes HR, design & brand, CX, communications, and outreach.


Juliette Neu is a trained anthropologist with extensive experience in applying anthropological methods to solve complex business situations in multi-site organizations. Her expertise focuses on HR operations, talent leadership, and partnership management.

Juliette is a result-driven multicultural professional with twenty-five years of international practice advising the leadership of aerospace and innovative companies.

Before joining Mangata Networks, Juliette ran her own firm and led the talent ramp-up at OneWeb satellites across its US and French operations. Juliette also worked as a Senior Advisor to the CEOs of GKN Aerospace Americas, private-equity owned AIM Aerospace, BBA Aviation Global Engines Services, and Sekisui Aerospace US.

Juliette can communicate in French, English, Spanish and Korea. She holds a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology from American University and completed doctoral coursework in Anthropological Archaeology at the University of Pittsburgh. 

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