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Shaping the future of information

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Our technology connects people, machines, and devices across the world through a proprietary network of satellites and terrestrial systems. 

From urban hubs to remote corners of the planet, our system enables us to reach parts of the world that were previously unconnected, furthering our goal of creating an inclusive digital future for everyone.

Mangata has redundant global Network Operation Centers. These NOCs are connected by fiber and meshed-access points to in-country gateway locations.

The gateways communicate to areas without fiber connectivity via HEO and MEO satellites. This robust system allows scaling of coverage & capacity with every satellite added to the constellation, all the while maintaining reliable and affordable data connectivity.

A Connected Network

World map@2x.png

Our unparalleled global network answers the most challenging needs of our customers and end-users. 

Secure and Private

Our in-country network allows traffic to remain within borders, making content reliable, locally-accessible, and secure.

Continuous Connectivity 

Redundancy in gateways promises users uninterrupted connectivity and enhanced capacity. Poised to weather any storm, we keep the system available and running, no matter what.

Seamless User Experience

Localized in each country, our cloud-based applications are in close proximity to our users, directly reducing transit traffic costs and significantly improving user experience. 

An Advanced Satellite System




MEO (6400 km) 40° elevation contour

28.9M km2 coverage area 

HEO/MEO uses 27 satellites to cover the Earth



LEO (550 km) 40° elevation contour
1.03M km2 coverage area
Requires >1000 satellites for Earth coverage

With our ground-breaking technology, we dynamically adapt capacity and coverage to be efficient for our customers, near and far.

Agile Transformation 

Our network allows us to scale as the business expands. We deploy capacity when needed and where required as we grow. Lower capital investment upfront, lower costs over time. 

Fail-proof Connectivity

Just like our gateways, our satellites are fully redundant and resistant to outages. With a fail-proof backup plan, we uphold the promise of reliable connectivity to our users.

Ground-breaking Architecture

The unique combination of HEO and MEO satellites together with beamforming technology, enables us to provide a powerful combination of expanded access and unmatched capacity to our clients.

Scalable Global Coverage





With a unified coverage that grows exponentially with each satellite, we are supporting a global footprint to provide capacity anytime, anywhere.

Scalable Technology

With our proprietary technology, every satellite adds exponential capacity to the existing network.


With each launch of additional satellites, our robust and scalable architecture is engineered for constant technical improvements.

The addition of new satellites to the system, reduces the cost of use and cost of delivery - promoting affordability in challenged markets.

HEO: The First Bit

Starting with as few as 8 spacecraft, the HEO architecture can support service for the entire Northern Hemisphere, circumventing the need to launch thousands of satellites.


The HEO orbit enables cost-effective, tailored capacity for both 

Northern and Southern Hemisphere markets. The 4-hour orbit cycle substantially simplifies operations and provides never-ending coverage.

MEO: Accelerated Growth

We expand by adding more satellites into the MEO orbits, launching as we need in order to provide more capacity to our customers.

Technical specs: 

  • <100ms round trip latency for time-demanding applications

  • Ability to add >1.5 Tbps with every 21 spacecraft launched,

  • Potential to scale with business growth up to >50 Tbps.


Asset 2.png

Orbit       Altitude

LEO           500 to 1,200 km
MEO          6,400 km             
HEO          4000-9000 km   
GEO          36,000km

The highly elliptical orbit (HEO) can be used to provide targeted coverage to any point in the Northern hemisphere.  With eight satellites in our HEO orbit, we can provide continuous Northern hemisphere coverage.  


The medium earth orbit (MEO) will work in conjunction with the HEO orbits, and provide pole-to-pole global coverage with 24 satellites.

Our Satellites

Asset 3.png
Capacity             100 gbps/satellite
Latency               ~100msec             
Orbit Period      4 hours
Mission Life       >10 years
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