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A Bit. More.

Great ideas start with a single bit of information.

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Mangata is a satellite-enabled network and cloud services company. And a bit more.

Mangata is transforming the way the world interacts with information.


By innovating game-changing architecture, using our HEO (highly elliptical orbit) & MEO (medium earth orbit) satellite constellations, combined with the power of a terrestrial system of MangataEdge™ micro data centers, we extend the cloud to the edge of the network, close to our users.  Our single unified network will provide scalable B2G and B2B connectivity that is both affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere on the planet.


Every last mile. Every last bit. All of us.

Access. Exchange. Knowledge.

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We go the extra mile until we reach the last mile


We are committed to creating the tools needed for communities to discover, share and leverage the power of information, no matter how far. 

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We do things differently 


We seek to transform human potential into action. Our solution: creating a seamless global network to support businesses, communities and individuals to do their bit.

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We are shaping the future of information


Through our terrestrial and satellite-enabled technology, we deliver reliable and high-value coverage. We are paving the path towards a new age of global connectivity. 

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