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Ken Mentasti

Chief Architect

“Space has always inspired me since as long as I can remember. Making a career out of it, while advancing technology to help people and communities is a rewarding experience.”

Ken Mentasti is the Chief Architect at Mangata Networks bringing with him over 20 years of experience in satellite communications.


Starting his career with Ball Aerospace, Ken designed and built LEO satellites for earth observation and national defense. As a founding member of O3b Networks, he helped architect the first high-throughput NGSO system, and later oversaw the payload procurement. Following O3b’s transition into SES, Ken led the mPOWER procurement including architecting the system during its initial development.

Ken holds dual degrees in Electrical and Computer Science, as well as a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.


When he isn’t working, he devotes his time to his family and finds joy in introducing them to the things he loves.

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