Sr. Engineer, Satellite Configuration & Layout

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About the role

The Satellite Configuration & Layout Sr. Engineer, reporting directly to the Mechanical Engineering Director, is responsible for mechanical design and layout studies contributing to overall system architecture configuration selection.  This is a highly cross functional role requiring extensive knowledge and experience in understanding and trading complex inputs from multiple other disciplines – Electrical, Thermal, Structural, Mechanisms, Materials, Manufacturing, Assembly and Test.  The role will be permanently based in Prestwick, Scotland with limited domestic and  international travel.

Requirements for the role


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)  in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering,

  • Considerable relevant experience with hands-on CAD design of complex highly constrained systems on at least two Space flight development programs,

  • Experience making major optimization trades for satellite bus architectures including integration with RF payload subsystems.

  • Experience with structural materials and processes including metals, composites, bonded and bolted joints.

  • Demonstrable experience with common spacecraft bus subsystems and interfaces.

Preference may be given to candidates with

  • Master’s Degree (or equivalent)  in Mechanical Engineering,

  • Relevant experience with deployable mechanized systems, primary structure manufacture and assembly in including incorporation of 3D printing design opportunities,

  • Demonstrated ability to successfully navigate through Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action process to achieve a quality, elegant, effective way forward.



You will be responsible for


  • Objectively performing mechanical design drawings and layout studies from satellite to subsystem to equipment interfaces.

  • Intelligent generation and fast iteration of concepts to provide a basis for detailed trades on subsystems.

  • Developing detailed designs with CAD assemblies/components and drawings as deliverables.

  • Delivering an efficient structural design capable of low to medium volume production throughput (DFMA).

  • Documentation and presentation of materials for technical design reviews.

  • Robust design and support of test campaigns, both development and qualification/acceptance, for space hardware.

  • Knowledgeable application of requirements for overall system to survive launch and mission requirements in application environments.



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About Mangata


Mangata is a Swedish word for the path of light that the moonlight draws on water, a universal symbol sung in many cultures. 


Mangata is more than just a satellite-enabled telecommunication services company. We work to enable people’s dreams by creating the needed connectivity infrastructure, services, and user experience at a cost people can afford. This, all the while building and operating a successful business. For that, we have created a clever proprietary architecture and brought together a team of remarkable professionals who all want to pave the path, resolutely.   


Mangata is deploying a satellite network using highly elliptical and medium earth orbits to provide network connectivity globally.   We will be developing innovative products for our customers to take advantage of our global network.