Regulatory Director, USA

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About the role

Mangata is seeking a highly motivated and experienced satellite communications engineer to join the regulatory team in a growing company as the Director of Regulatory Affairs, Americas.  The post holder will have the primary responsibility for gaining authorization for the deployment of Mangata services in Americas, and to this extent will be the company’s key representative for liaising with regulators, other operators and industry bodies in Americas. The post holder will contribute to Mangata’s other regulatory activities as a key member of the regulatory team. 


Requirements for the role


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering (or related engineering subject) with specialism in radio/telecommunications.  Post graduate qualifications would be an advantage;

  • Substantial work experience and expert knowledge in the satellite communications sector, viz:

    • ITU Radio Regulations, specifically the regulations applying to satellite services and frequency assignments/spectrum management;

    • National regulatory frameworks and policies (in Americas and elsewhere) for licensing/market access of satellite services;

    • Conducting frequency co-ordination;

    • Interference analysis relating to satellite systems (GSO and NGSO) and the use of programming languages and/or commercial/ITU software;

    • Other radiocommunications systems other than satellite systems;

    • Engagement with national regulators (FCC and others), attending ITU forums, regional organizations such as CITEL and relevant industry forums and advocacy of company interests;

  • Good interpersonal, organizational (i.e. ability to prioritize tasks, adhere to tight deadlines and work under pressure) and communication skills, including written and verbal communications;

  • Capable of working autonomously and taking the initiative when needed;

  • Experience in managing projects and team working in multinational/multicultural teams



You will be responsible for


  • Managing the processes for gaining market access/licensing for Mangata satellite services, including licensing of user terminals and gateways, and carrying out associated tasks such as detailed technical/interference assessments, regulatory assessment, frequency coordination, negotiations with regulators and other satellite operators. 

  • Engaging and contributing to spectrum management, as Mangata representative, at national discussions with regulators and regional and international organizations such as the CITEL and the ITU;

  • Supporting and advising other parts of the company on spectrum access and regulatory conditions;

  • Above duties to be undertaken in consultation with the regulatory team of Mangata.

SALARY: $150,000 - $190,000

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help shape the way the world interacts with information. Our values at Mangata are: Courage, Teamwork, Commitment, and Getting Stuff Done. If you have the drive, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let's go near, far and beyond.

About Mangata


Mangata is a Swedish word for the path of light that the moonlight draws on water, a universal symbol sung in many cultures. 


Mangata is more than just a satellite-enabled telecommunication services company. We work to enable people’s dreams by creating the needed connectivity infrastructure, services, and user experience at a cost people can afford. This, all the while building and operating a successful business. For that, we have created a clever proprietary architecture and brought together a team of remarkable professionals who all want to pave the path, resolutely.   


Mangata is deploying a satellite network using highly elliptical and medium earth orbits to provide network connectivity globally.   We will be developing innovative products for our customers to take advantage of our global network.