Our Guiding Values

At Mangata, our core values guide the way and serve as a beacon in all our endeavors. 


Every last mile. 
Every last bit. 
All of us.  

Our Guiding Values

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Transparency means that we take pride and responsibility in everything that we do. Honesty, openness, and communication guide our path. 

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We Get Stuff Done. Period. 


Our goal is to be the absolute best at what we do. 

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Great achievements come from helping and respecting each other. This is the essence of everything we do, with everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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What we started is really hard.  We persevere and work to achieve something great.

A Common Path

'Mångata' is a Swedish word for the path of light that the moon draws on water.  

The moon is the star commander of oceans, a conductor of the cadence of life, an unwavering friend to the Earth and those who live on it. To us, the moon is a powerful, universal symbol and its light represents opportunity for all.


Our Collective Responsibility

Everything that we do is based on a deep commitment to those we serve, especially to our end-users, wherever they are.


We are guided by the promise of leaving no one behind and to doing “our bit” in ensuring that all of us are connected. For, the next life-changing idea may lie somewhere waiting to be known.  

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