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Bob Morris

CTO, Space Systems

“I’m driven by envisioning and executing new ideas into reality all the while being awestruck by the patience, fortitude, innovation and brilliance of individual team members and the end-user community.”

With over 35 years of experience in space and ground, hardware and software-based solutions, Bob provides a solid foundation for the development and implementation work of the Mangata Networks.


Throughout his career, Bob has held several leadership positions across companies.  As the CTO for OneWeb Satellites, Bob guided the development of the joint venture from initial formation up to the establishment of the satellite design and supporting ecosystem.  During his tenure as SVP, Space Segment at O3b networks, he led the group’s successful effort in the development and implementation of the segments including space vehicle, launch vehicle and operations responsibilities. At Spectrum Astro/General Dynamics, he served as Chief Engineer and Program Manager on multiple national priority programs and was responsible for the design, development, manufacturing, testing, and operation of satellite systems.  He invested five stimulating years with Motorola in the Engineering and Analysis group operating the Iridium satellite constellation.  He began his professional engineering career at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Naval Center for Space Technology.


Bob holds a BSME degree via the Cooperative Education Program in 1985 and MSME degree with a focus on Space Systems in 1999 from the George Washington University.  On a constant journey of building, learning, and growing, Bob derives his inspiration from his friends, family, and colleagues.  His canvas are his gardens and his life primers are well balanced, historical narratives and biographies.

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