Providing access to knowledge, down to the smallest bit.


We are building a bridge between connectivity and access, weaving in endless possibilities for businesses and communities to share, learn from each other, and prosper.

A Global Challenge

Today, 4 billion people on Earth still do not have adequate access to the internet, deepening social inequalities.

Many communities have poor or antiquated connectivity that is not affordable or reliable.

Our Answer

Our network enables us to deliver economic, reliable, secure high-speed 5G connectivity over satellite on a global basis.


We can reach any community, no matter where it is, with sustainable state-of-the-art capability. Edge computing in the community allows localized content creation.

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'Mångata' is a Swedish word for the path of light that the moon draws on water. For us, the moon is a powerful, universal symbol and its light represents opportunity for all.


Our Guiding Values



Doing hard things takes courage. It means relying on our collective experiences and knowledge, and trusting each other. 



Great achievements come from working together, helping each other, and building on our strengths. This is the essence of everything we do.  



What we are doing is really hard.  We are fully committed to each other’s success and to doing the right thing, always.  



We Get Stuff Done. Period. 

Our Collective Responsibility

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Everything that we do is based on a deep commitment to those we serve, especially to our end-users, wherever they are.


We are guided by the promise of leaving no one behind and to doing “our bit” in ensuring that all of us are connected. For, the next life-changing idea may lie somewhere waiting to be known.  

Our journey

Meet the people behind Mangata